Feb. 22nd, 2012

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Marian paced back and forth in her room. It would be the perfect time. The Sheriff and Guy would both be too busy, with the protesting man's death, and the people fearful of the plague and the barricades, to pay much attention to her. She needed fast food, and medicine. She waited, pacing, trying to think of where to go first, how and when. Who needed to see her, what alibi.

Glad when the door to her chamber opened and she turned, opening her mouth, only to draw back. That was not the face she was expect. This younger, mousy brown hair girl, with her Amy-like up-turned nose, and hopeful apology written all over her expression, timidly stepping in, carrying a washed dress, and closing the door behind her. "Where's Sarah?"

"Don't you know?" The girl said quickly. "She lives in Pitt Street."

Marian felt her heart clench. )
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Marian pulled Jane's cloak low over her eyes, hunching her shoulders and walking as worriedly as she could. Across the castle as quickly as she could manage, in the slowest steps. A servant girl wishing not to be stopped, not to bother anyone. Across the castle, to the far gates, where the servants exit, would take her time. She couldn't be early or late without causing attention.

The last thing she had expected was to round a corner straight into an arrow being held at her face. To hear herself gasp so loud it seemed to shake the room around her, her heart leaping into her throat. As terror gave wave to relief at a familiar face. "Will." Her breath was still a gasp. "You scared me."

You scared me.  )
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Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V


He hadn't taken long to follow after her, though Marian already managed to find Little Jess and her mother by the time that Robin reappeared. There wasn't much time for talking as there were so many people to see to. They passed each other now and then, checking on completely different people, running between beds.

The cries that would suddenly go up when another person died. The moans of the children. The quiet sleep of the ones everyone had begun to fear the worst for. The weary settling of dread that kept all of their shoulders up and tight. As medicine after medicine that Djaw tried, whether theirs or her own, seemed to have absolute no effect on man, women, or child.

Still they all pushed on. )


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