Mar. 29th, 2012

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This day had not started well already. She'd had to be awake, dressed and out of her room before dawn. It was the only way in the last few days she'd managed escape the guard who came to wait at her door. Who would then follow her, like a dog, all through her day. Keeping her from being able to do anything. Waking up too early, along with a few other tricks, she'd started slipping them.

Not enough that it was being reported.  )
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Marian hadn't been far, fretting and not even able to pace, from the room where The Sherrif and his physican were, with the unconscious body of Henry of Lewes. She couldn't do anything about Robin's spy, but she had to keep an eye on The Sheriff's spy, and whether he relayed King Richard's information to him and The Black Knights.

Nothing was going on, yet, because she could still hear Vaisey's voice rising higher and higher every few minutes. Still not getting what he wanted. She'd had to shrink into the shadows when Mathilda, the old wise woman, was brought in cursing everyone up a storm, and saying something Marian couldn't catch about her daughter.

She'd finally managed to sneak up on the corridor walkway, catching bits of conversation, promises about getting to go, snippets of Matilda's warm snark, only to have to flatten herself against a wall when the door flew open again. Blight, The Sheriff's physician, stalking out, heading one way.

But the gaurds who followed him, had divided. Half of them following the man, and the other two headed toward her. Guy, right there, at the head of another. Barely twenty feet from her when she turned, trying to flee the walkway. Unable to run without looking even more suspicious.


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