Apr. 2nd, 2012

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It was easy enough to walk away, and let Guy think she'd been headed anywhere elsewhere, but sneaking through the market in midday was a mess. All of the crowds that parted instant and fearful before his approach, swarmed suddenly back into place once he passed. Making it hard to stay close enough, be sure of the right streets. She'd run straight into a man with his cart and had to duck under a table, cursing herself.

She had to stay down too long, )
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Time was up. More than up. She had make her way back as quickly as she could. She needed to cut him off. She had to reach the castle before he did.

She needed at least the allusion, if by seconds, she'd listened.

That she hadn't entirely blown through her first freedom.
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Getting back to the castle, escorted by Sir Guy, was much easier than sneaking in or out. People parted before him, and only one or two people tried calling out if she wanted to buy things. Most people tried to look conspicuously like he wasn't even there. They'd been separated quickly at the castle though, and she'd caught enough of someone filling him in to know Matilda had been taken prisoner.

She'd been trying to get closer to the fuss )
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Early she did not manage.

In fact, she came up on what could be any number of the dunks they might have already given Matilda. On the Sheriff taunting her from the re-erected dais, where he sat in his great chair. To the right of him, seated first Guy, and then Henry, whom she rode up behind. While the Sheriff all but laughed, telling Matilda to hold her breath and count to three, Guy raised from his chair stepping back toward her.

Her eyes were long for that movement )


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