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Marian pulled Jane's cloak low over her eyes, hunching her shoulders and walking as worriedly as she could. Across the castle as quickly as she could manage, in the slowest steps. A servant girl wishing not to be stopped, not to bother anyone. Across the castle, to the far gates, where the servants exit, would take her time. She couldn't be early or late without causing attention.

The last thing she had expected was to round a corner straight into an arrow being held at her face. To hear herself gasp so loud it seemed to shake the room around her, her heart leaping into her throat. As terror gave wave to relief at a familiar face. "Will." Her breath was still a gasp. "You scared me."

He looked at her, dark eyed, as though he was looking through her, but he'd moved closer to her, turning the arrow toward the empty hallway she'd come down. She stepped in close. "What are you doing here? Do you have a message from Robin?"

The name seemed to jar something in him, as he suddenly turned back to her, staring at her so close and wide-eyed. A different kind of fear taking root in her stomach, as she called his name as a question, as he turned, still without having said another word, barely glancing back at her, and heading down the very hallway she'd come from. Running away, even as she called his name.

Confusion was stronger than the fear, but the bells outside meant she had so little time. She couldn't follow him, and get out to help the people in Pitt Street. She tucked her hair back inside the hood of Jane's cloak and hurried in the direction she had to get, trusting Robin wouldn't have sent him in unless it was important.

This part isn't all that hard, either. She joins the other serving girls leaving just as they are departing. Keeping her head down, so that the four guards who are under Guy won't see her face. She walks silently and quickly, alongside the others. And when they wave to each other, breaking up and heading in different directions, she chooses a back alley.

Walking a little faster, but not a run. Still leisurely. No rush. No attention needed. Especially not the kind of attention that would follow her through three twisting streets to the best place she can consider breaking into Pitt Street from. She won't got through the barricades or come near them. But there are places where the houses are so close roof's nearly touch.

The problem is that she doesn't expect the barricade that is close by there. Or the two guards. Vasey and Guy were rather thorough about locking the entire street down. Every smallest entrance. And even when she tries to negotiate herself to how this can go, she can't help staring at the people huddled and crying inside the barricade, being ignored utterly.

The only roof's close enough together to make it leaping, had guards under them. She waited until one of pair of two, dwindled, taking her chance as one walked off. Standing and taking a running leap across the roof tops. Cursing her luck, when the guard below her gave chase, suddenly bellowing out to her. Climbing the side wall, calling out too loudly, "Hey, Stop! I've seen you!"

She only let him get his head, then shoulders, above the eave, before she kicked out solidly. Connecting with his upper chest, and watching him go suddenly flying down. Some regret, but more relief, as she said, "No. You haven't." But she had little time to watch the man on the bed of straw he'd climbed. Anyone could have heard. She had to hurry now.

Rooftop to rooftop, across Pitt Street, until she popped over one, watching a man walking away until to look down suddenly and smile. In spite of herself, in spite of an entire plague. And to hiss out Robin's name at the barest of a whisper. First quietly, causing him to look around, and then slightly louder, once, until he looked up.

"Marian?" Surprise, but brooked in such tired wariness. "What are you doing here?"

She crawled over the top of the newest roof, starting with the most important thing first. "Someone’s impersonating me."

Robin did look at all surprise, hands on his hips, nodding slightly fast, as he made no move to come forward only watching her descent. "I know. I think he’s given out poisoned pies."

Marian was having to pick and choose how to move. To not let the medicine drop, and not find any weak spots with the roof where she might damage it or go sliding suddenly. The surprise and anger sharp in her voice. "What? In my name?"

"It’s the Sheriff ’s doing," His voice called up. "but... but why?

"I’ve no idea," Marian shook her head, navigating roof top and Vasey's crazy strategies at once. "Unless he wants to damage the Night Watchman’s reputation."

"But then he’d blame the Night Watchman..." He paused as she pulled the shoulder bag off, over her head, and handed it down to him first. The medicine had to be given greater care. She could fall from the last jumps and be fine. There was only so little for so many, none of it could be risked. "... and he hasn’t."

She jumped the last bit from the roof to a table, only to be swept up in his arms. The medicine having ended up at his feet. As much as there wasn't time for this, and there really wasn't time for this with people sick and dying, she couldn't help the smile that rush to her lips. The way her arms curls around his shoulders.

A gaggle of children ran by behind Robin, as she shook her head just slightly. Even with the weight on his shoulders, his eyes lightened as they stared at each other. And that lightened her heart, even as she said, ducking her face even closer to his, winningly, as reminder, and almost a dare. "I need to go and see if Jess is all right."

His smiled widened but he let her feet down, dropping the arm that had gone under her legs. One of the smaller ones, that smile, where his eyes glanced down, and he didn't fight her. The lines edging the side of his mouth, and she saw again the boy from all her childhood memories, and the affection he still had for her. It was the very best gift a few seconds could give, before she was walking away to find Sarah and Jess.
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