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(Not to be mistaken for TGA(2): The Golden Afternoon. We like to be problematic like that.)

TGA's inception came about as an answer to Milliways great question about Marian and the end of Season Two, wherein very plainly -- Marian dies a pretty horrific death of being stabbed straight through with a sword by Guy of Gisborne, while protecting the fallen King Richard. An event that could not be unwritten from her canon, or her character choosing. What happened, due to Marian being in Milliways many years, end up being a canon bubble of epic proportions.

About six months prior to the events of Marian's death at the end of Season 2, Guy of Gisborne (from the end of Season 3, and very dead himself now) came to Milliways. Which causes, as you might guess quite a stir. The following general timeline is sort of how things were being written, and how they were planned to be written out before most of the main characters jumped ship to other games.

6 Months Before
- S3!Dead!Guy of Gisborne Shows up in Milliways

5 Months Before
- Marian (S2) father is killed
- Marian becomes an outlaw for a short time
- Marian (S2) becomes engaged to Robin Hood

4 Months Before
- S3!Dead!Guy of Gisborne confesses to being her murder/the events of her death
- (Also, to the events of Robin/Isabella, Robin/Kate, and Rock Falls Everyone Dies)
- Needless to say Month 4 is .... chaotic and moody
- Marian refuses to brook her fate

3 Months Before
- Kate takes Caspian & Marian to Texas (To Be Written Still! BECAUSE.)

2 Months Before
- S3!Dead!Guy & Marian & Delirium Fishes
- Marian is Entirely Canon Broken, For Any/All RH Canons **
- The Great Plan For Marian To Live is Hatched
Important Players: Caspian X, Kate Barlow, Will, Guy of Gisborne, Tom, Alan(na) of Trebon, Elizabeth Swann, X, Mel, Medusa
- Marian's Ultimatum to Guy happens

1 Month Before
- Marian is a captive of The Sheriff of Nottingham & on a boat to Acre during this whole time
- Certain Scenes in the Locked Up Places Happen As Characters wanted

** D-Day
- Team TGA, led by Caspian gets to fight the Infidels in Acre

- Marian gets stabbed with a sword by S2!Guy, defending King Richard
- Marian gets married to Robin, before pulling a sword from her own body
- Marian dies/probably passes our while getting relatively close to it

- Team TGA steal Marian's body, which is healed by Medusa's blood
- Marian wakes up in Milliways (fallout scene with Guy, and discovery of the sooted edged door)

1 Month After
- We'll just call this The Steal The Hope and Floating in the Lake-Ocean Month
- Moves more permanently to Ambergeldar
(- Probably gets in trouble from Dragon Diving)

2-4 Months After
- The slow steady struggle back to living with living
- 1 Trip to Will's Sherwood/Nottingham
- 1(/a few) trips to Texas for quiet periods with Kate

4/5th Month After
- Ten Forward Game Entrance
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