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You take away, I feel the same
All the promises you made to me
You made in vain

I lost myself inside
Your tainted smile again

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Earlier there was a quiet settling of skirts and a tea service in the area with the couches and fire place. But now the tea is growing cold, and shiny security badge is still on the tray table, and Marian?

Seems to have fallen asleep with her cheek on her hand against the back of the couch.
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[From Here]

After her father had fallen asleep sitting up (for the second time), Marian spent the better part of an hour convincing a guard to let her leave to use a privy. A million excuses and reasoning’s that fell from her lips, forgotten as soon as they were said, until he conceded to her whim. When she'd opened the door to the privy, she'd found something better than an empty room. There was Milliways on the other side.

She slid in, keeping the view out, and closed the door behind her, body leaning against it's solidness. The peripheral glance showed that nothing looked like it should. Which meant everything was normal at the end of the universe.

Marian left her head fall back against the door, eyes looking upward, body resolutely still, and finally let out a breath that shook like the leaves in early winter.
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[OOM: Back in Nottingham, on the day before her wedding, aka The Day That Will Not End, Marian gets what she asked for.]

When the door open on to Milliways only half an hour later, Marian glared contemptibly at the Bar and abandoned the bar proper in favor of the stables.

She spent the next few hours riding hard across the land toward the mountains, following beaten paths until they gave way to streams and sparse trees and untouched lands. After resting in the foothills, eating bread and cheese from her sack, the earlier evening was spent on leisurely ride back toward civilization.

Now returned, Marian is walking toward the stables, reigns in her hands while Lineave follows close behind her.

They both look quietly, contentedly, drained.
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It was a summer day. The kind they rarely seemed to have in Knighton this year. The sun was golden, the grass was such a brilliant green and nothing seemed to be able to go wrong. She'd even managed to convince her father to come talk to her outside while she fixed a basket that frayed. The sunshine and light exercise would do him good she knew, and he hadn't even mustered up a complaint about her 'extra' activities of late.

Gisborne arriving was not part of her perfect summer day plan. Seeing him giddy as a school boy on arrival was disconcerting on many levels. When he picked her up over his shoulder, amid an outcry from herself and her father, she'd managed to flip away, thinking she'd idiotically given herself away only to see his face contort in a rare emotion: disappointment and hurt. Followed quickly by something as equally rare: an apology and then a gentle request.

If it was not duty, then it was curious confusion that drove her to obey the request to come to Locksley Manor with him. He was so buoyant in his step and free with his laughter she thought perhaps something had shifted in him. Seeing Thornton had not helped her but to remember the last few times she'd been in Locksley Manor; many, many, many years ago, off setting her almost comfort in this new, strange Guy. To make things stranger he led her upstairs to rooms she'd longer let rest in memory, to show her a chest full of money while he spoke of 'being a man of substance, wealth, who could provide for her'.

It wasn't until he spoke of pride and lineage directly, that she suddenly understood what he was so coyly dancing about: the king was returning.

It had taken a clever control of herself to maintain her cool in the face of the panic that longed to break free in her stomach. But when Milliways appeared she simply smiled, without simpering, while he spoke about date, details, and locations for their wedding arrangements

(the same as her last....

same church

same house

same bed

...everything but the man

until she reminded him that she needed to see to her lands and arrangements if this was to happen so soon. He seemed to take it as a sign of her approval of the situation and let her go, not sparing her these looks of tenderness and pride which simply confused her more. And became a welling she pressed down when she spotted Robin among the sheet-wash before the house, glaring at her as though this were all her fault.

Marian spurred her horse for home, and arrived out of breath, as though she'd been racing the wind, or a hoard, and not simply her thoughts.
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Many weeks of headache's had not led to their suddenly vanishing as Marian had long wished.

Instead it had led to an inevitable collapse after one of her classes.

She was flush with a high fever and nearly incoherent from the moment she'd fallen. It hadn't taken long for one of the medics in her new home to diagnose the problem. Her immune system, used to the troubles of a medieval British world, was not prepared to deal with a present era Britain, even a magical one.

They'd talked about magical cures, but the final decision had been that it would only be an option if the situation turned fatal. The illness wasn't looking deadly, simply hard because she'd never encountered anything of the like before. Given to run the course they said the immunity from her illness would serve her better if she was going to stay in Arch and visiting London Below.

The first few days were the hardest. She couldn't talk and she trashed, murmuring, sweating and being forced by someone she could hardly remember, except as a blur, to drink strange colored liquids.

The rest of the time was spent, somewhere in semi-lucid dreams or empty sleep, while her body recuperated. Exhaustion was semi-permanent for the course, but she had started looking better around the middle of the next week.

And it was then that Tom and Door had declared it safe for her to have other visitors.
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Marian confided the whole tale in her father, though it did little good. They discussed the impossible wishes and wants for escape in glances which needed no words. He spoke about the king in a hushed tone, even though she didn’t' respond except to contemplate her cup of water.

She missed a few rambling moments until he mentioned her mother's veil in a half sentence she'd ended simply by jumping out of her chair, causing it to rattle loudly against the floor, and striding toward the front door, stopping only to pick up her sword.
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Marian sat down at the bar where an assortment of papers and pens arrived very quickly from bar. She missed the hint of the mirror that arrived with it, thinking Bar had somehow mistaken her request for things to write in search of the new epidemic. She wrote rather quickly, but still clearly, and once she was done she walked over and attached it securely in the center of the notice board.

Dear Milliways Patrons,

Have you or someone you know recently been reconnected with a long lost, perfect relative/love interest/best friend? Is this person literally the girl of your dreams, who seems physically, mentally, emotionally and supernaturally able to take on any daunting task life might throw their way? Is she just the most amazing person you've ever met in your life?

Seeking to find persons of this caliber for important work, please send a response about your said person to Lady Marian care of The Bar.

After that Marian went back to the bar and wrote three letters. All were signed, sealed and vanished with no fanfare.

To All Security Personnel )

To Ray Stanz, To Sarge Wells )

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Lady Marian is practically radiating.

It's not because Robin came to Milliways. It's not because she made it on to the Milliways security force. It's not because she applied for another job doing something she knows well. It's not because she's finished her embroidery, gotten out of her engagement to Sir Guy, or solved the riddle of the tyranny in her home.

No. All those are tiny things.

It is, in fact, because her elder sister, Ilori, has come to Milliways at last!

Even though it's been a few days since they ran into each other Marian has not run out of hope they should bump into each other once more. You did know Ilori has always been her idol and mentor, who she'd always held in the highest esteem. The best big sister a girl could ask for and the most gracefully mannered Lady at court to learn from.

And now she was here in Milliways! What was there not to be radiant about?

Marian, sipping a cup of tea in a china set and wearing her security badge on a chain, is seated in a booth, looking wistfully to the doors everytime they open.

She would adore company.
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Marian's been sparse lately except where she was required to be.

Except that part about taking a security job? It's about being there.

Having come inside after a long ride and a rinse, wearing her shiny security badge, Marian's settled into a chair at one of the freestanding stables. There's a tea set with some flavor of red fruit biscuit laid out before her, but she's presently distracted by a piece of paper in her hand. If you get closer it looks like a list, and if you're really close it might look like the kind of list someone who's moving is making.

She'd love company.


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